FUNDER ONE CAPITAL is a true decentralize Platform that can help you tokenize your home (project) in Blockchain under Smart Contracts with no-recourse.

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The Tokenized Non-Recourse Funding Program

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The Tokenized Non-Recourse Funding Program

Once you make the decision that you want to purchase a home, then, it is important to know the options available to gain the best funding possible. The Banks are hesitant to fund projects peer to peer with 100% cryptocurrency in Blockchain under Smart Contracts because the account owner could not guarantee the transaction.

FUNDER ONE CAPITAL LTD develops a Decentralized, peer to peer project funding called: The Tokenized Non-Recourse Funding Program (TNRFP), which tokenize the project with 100% cryptocurrency under Smart Contracts.

Anyone familiar with real estate investment knows that leverage, or the use of debt financing gives the investor the ability to stretch their available cash and substantially increase their return. This led FUNDER ONE CAPITAL LTD to create this decentralized tokenized product specially for the home owners called: The Tokenized Non-Recourse Funding Program (TNRFP).

The Tokenized Non-Recourse Funding Program can be used to tokenize real estate acquire with 100% cryptocurrency in Blockchain under Smart Contracts.

The funding is called: non-recourse because it allows no recourse against the individual account holder or the balances of the cryptocurrency in the Exchange. The non-recourse Funder cannot pursue other assets owned by the account holder or the cryptocurrency in the Exchange.

Promissory Note

When purchase real estate in your personal name, you normally sign a personal guarantee on the promissory note.

Pursue Your Assets

A recourse funding allows the Funder and/or the Bank to pursue any of your assets if the Funder cannot recover its losses from the sale of the property in a foreclosure. Banks prefer a recourse loan over a non-recourse loan because the borrower has more to lose in the event of default.

Non-recourse Loan

It’s extremely hard to find a lender who will entertain a non-recourse loan, especially in today’s lending environment. Both large and small corporate banks are not familiar with non-recourse loan or will not offer this type of loans because of the increased risk, or because they simply do not have the expertise to properly structure these transactions in compliance due to regulations.

Broken Traditional Lending

due to A non-recourse Funder such as our Platform will hold 100% of these instruments in our own portfolio because there is no secondary market for the sale of these instruments. Banks usually bundle secondary market eligible loans for sale to Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac or other investors, which frees up the bank’s working capital to make more loans.

We will hold these instruments since we tokenize the project.

Difference in Qualifying

Qualifying for The Tokenized Non-Recourse Funding Program is quite different from qualifying for a conventional loan used for the typical purchase of a new home. The Tokenized Non-Recourse Funder will not look at the following when making their funding decision.

1. Your income
2. Your employment
3. W-2’s
4. Tax Returns
5. Asset outside your cryptocurrency account at:

Removing these variables will make the funding process simpler for both the Funder and the member. A non-recourse funding is not reflected on your credit report under your Social Security number. Instead, The Tokenized Non-Recourse Funding closes under the tax ID number created for your trust or corporation or entity purchasing the property. This is very helpful if you are an investor who owns multiple properties under your personal name. Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac limit the number of properties you can finance with conforming rates in your name.

The Tokenized Non-Recourse Funding Program is underwritten very similarly to a commercial real estate transaction. The main concern for the Funder is the property and/or the intellectual property, cash flow and/or equity.

There are two major components that the Tokenized Non-Recourse Funder and/or Banker will consider when making their decision.


Cryptocurrency account (wallet)

The Tokenized Non-Recourse Funder and/or Banker will verify that the member has enough cryptocurrency in its wallet at and/or for qualification, the down payment (if necessary), closing costs, prepaid costs for real estate taxes and insurance. All fees and expenses must come from the member.



 Is the property in good condition? Remember that up to 100% of the collateral for this type of funding is the property. So the Funder must be satisfied with the value and condition of the property at the time of closing. The Funder will order an appraisal and inspection on the property.

FUNDER ONE CAPITAL LTD provides Tokenized non-recourse funding to real estate investors who have a minimum 25% to 45% of the purchase price plus closing costs in a cryptocurrency wallet. The Tokenized Non-Recourse Funding is subject to approval, including an acceptable appraisal, as determined by the Funder.

As of: 2019, we provide 100% funding for eligible properties within Blockchain under Smart Contracts. While the investment for the purchase comes directly from the Investor and/or crypto-exchange, it is not considered distribution because the funds used for the transaction are going toward the purchase of an asset held by the seller.

Minimum Requirements

Minimum cryptocurrency requirements vary depending on the type of property being considered for purchase. The following are some examples:

Single Family Homes – 10%
Two to four-units properties – 15%
Condominiums – 10%
Multifamily Units (five or more families) – 35% to 40%
Commercial properties – 35% to 45%

Property Eligibility

It is important to remember that the property eligibility requirements are FUNDER ONE CAPITAL LTD’s guidelines.

Therefore, these following properties are eligible for The Tokenized Non-Recourse Funding Program:

Single Family residential

Warrantable condos

Planned Unit Developments (PUDs)/townhomes

Duplexes - Triplexes - Fourplexes

Multifamily (five or more units)

Commercial Properties

Purchasing a property

In order to obtain tokenized non-recourse funding within your cryptocurrency, FUNDER ONE CAPITAL LTD and/or the Funder will need to verify the amount of your cryptocurrency assets available in your wallet, depending on certain criteria. Since Cryptocurrency is used to fund the transaction 100%, there is no employment or income verification necessary for the crypto owner.

Because these properties are investment properties and they alone secure the non-recourse funding.

Properties that have two or more units should have a NOI of up to 20% for positive cash flow.

Steps to purchasing property

While talking to your Cryptocurrency Representative and/or Funder, learn that you can tokenize investment real estate with the Tokenized Non-Recourse Funding Program. You really like the thought of using the Tokenized Non-Recourse Funding Program by using your cryptocurrency in your wallet to purchase more rental property and invest in other asset classes.

The following information is required to pre-quality a project and/or property for the Tokenized Non-Recourse Funding Program.

Note: The name on the purchase contract must be a Trust company and/or LLC., the Custodian FBO (your name). The real estate contract, title work, and insurance all need to be in the name of the Trust and/or LLC., S or C Corporation and not your personal name.    

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